BOSIET Training (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training)

Published: 10th February 2012
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Whenever you are going to be doing any kind of effort on an offshore asset, for instance a drill rig, production platform or FPSO, for companies in any country, you'll certainly be required to undertake specific offshore safety and emergency training. Not carrying out an offshore training course, whatever the period you might spend being employed by the organization, you might not be permitted to get involved. Nevertheless, there's a detailed program that makes it possible for workers to become accredited within the benchmarks they need to be aware of so that they can do his or her's work properly. Offshore Training Headquarters have outlined precisely what BOSIET Training will be focused on and tend to supply you with a full picture of precisely what to expect to see from BOSIET Training.

BOSIET Training Certification
By far the most fundamental element that any individual who are going to be operating offshore ought to have on your mind and stay successfully educated in is safety. Your safety is of the optimum relevance when you are participating in this kind of hands on work. There exists a favored, important course in which may help to teach a person around all the many problems that you might come upon during your career as well as the multiple safety practices, gear and processes that is on hand to support mitigate all of these hazards. This course is the BOSIET Training or Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training.

BOSIET Training is:
  • A wide-ranging, 3-day training course

  • A method that is designed to get applicants competently trained and completely ready to start out working on offshore assets

  • Produced and looked after by the industry owned non-profit crew OPITO, the only real goal of which is to support the needs of the Oil and Gas Industry

The standards set forth and adhered to by OPITO are Industry approved and employer driven, to make sure every single upcoming staff are used to the exact extensive offshore safety training requirements.

BOSIET Training Program
The training course will offer individuals an attention of the pitfalls which are encountered when flying to and from offshore applications, offshore safety plans and managing units.

It would comprise of:
  • Practical and theoretical training based on survival at sea

  • Becoming familiar with first aid techniques

  • Primary fire-fighting and self-rescue

  • Helicopter escape and effective helicopter safety

Each one of these training courses combined will aid the graduate to accomplish an individual's offshore efforts at the top level, eliminating breakdowns and experiencing an awareness of the best way to carefully deal with any incidents that come their very own way. Soon after completion of this 3-day offshore training course, the graduate students will be authorized around the Industry standards for 4 years. Just before this expires, the employees needs to do the FOET (Further Offshore Emergency Training) to renew or they're going to have to redo the BOSIET Training program yet again.

Additional Information
Candidates should be 16 yoa to participate in BOSIET Training. Delegates needs to have been evaluated by a healthcare professional before beginning.

Delegates have to provide:
  • Medical form

  • Government issued Identity

  • Swimsuit plus a towel

  • Change for locker

After completion the Prospects should be competent in BOSIET Training (Basic Offshore Safety and Emergency Training) and able to operate any specific offshore asset.

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